1 John 2:15


“Do not love the world or anything that belongs to the world. If you love the world, you do not love the Father.”

I am unattached and unaffected by this world. I do what pleases the Lord.

The way we love is not the way God loves. The love that is spoken of in the Bible is not the earthly love we know. We often see love as dreamy, idealistic, starry-eyed, romantic. Yes, romantic love is good and makes us feel all of the feels inside. But that kind of love is restricting.

God sees love as doing what is just and honest. God sees love as being kind to one another. We need to practice love for all mankind. The ones who hurt us, betray us, are reckless with our trust. But also the ones we don’t know. The ones who are different from us.

We cannot love the world and the things in it with an earthly love. We cannot become too attached to this world. Because it is temporary, and fleeting. We are just passing by. A temporary stop. The more we cling to the “things” of this world, the more difficult it is to let go of our ego and love the way God does.

Would you be able to give up your only child to be sacrificed so you can save another? The more we cling to this temporary and superficial world and the material things it offers us, the further we separate ourselves from God, and loving each other.

The rest of this chapter is just as important:

“Everything that belongs to the world – what the sinful self desires, what people see and want, and everything in this world that people are so proud of – none of this comes from the Father; it all comes from the world. The world and everything in it that people desire is passing away; but he who does the will of God lives for ever.” – 1 John 2:16-17

Loving the world and being attached to it distracts us from God. It pushes God further and further away, and doesn’t allow Him to be a priority in our lives. What is the point of loving something that is temporary and will fade away?

This world of instant gratification that we live in is shallow and petty. The world God has prepared for us is our real and permanent home. We should not allow distractions to deviate us from our path. Like a married man who is tempted by a woman who is not his wife. When you love God you also do His will. Yes, He gave us free will. But He wants us to choose Him!

“I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between God’s blessing and God’s curse, and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Choose life.” Deuteronomy 30:19

We can enjoy this world and love the people in it. That’s why God created it for us, for our enjoyment. But we shouldn’t allow this world to take away our love of God and spending time with Him. We cannot place our enjoyment of this world above God.

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