Psalms 28:7


“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in song of thanksgiving.”

My heart is filled with joy, and everyone can see it is because of the Lord. He is my protector and my power.

What this verse is saying, is that God is my provider and my protector. And I should be joyful because of it!

God is the one we should turn to in times of need. Deep down in our hearts we all know that. He hears our prayers and answers them. He protects and strengthens us, despite our sinful nature. The Father will “never leave you nor forsake you”. Because of it, we should be joyful. And this joy shouldn’t be contained. We should praise Him and give thanks, but also tell everyone how grateful we are to have such a great provider and protector. We need to spread the Good News!

But what is joy? The joy that is spoken about in the Bible isn’t as simple a feeling as mere happiness. Happiness is an earthly emotion. And a fleeting one. It comes and goes on a whim and it very largely dependents on our circumstances. On who has done what to us, on what we have achieved. Joy, on the other hand, comes from the Holy Spirit. It is always there for us to access and experience, regardless of what is happening in our lives and the world. Joy is a knowing. A knowing that we are blessed, that we are saved, that we have God’s grace and undeserved favour.

When we listen to and trust in God, that is when we are able to unlock and experience true Christian joy. His wisdom pours down on us. Our joy cannot be stolen from us. It cannot be scared out of us. It is a gift from God. We don’t always need to understand it, but it is always there for us to access.

As Christians we need to shine a light. Show the world our gratitude and joy. So they too can learn what God has done for us. So they too can turn to Him as their strength and shield. So they too can trust Him. We must show our joy in the Lord to the world.

In this psalm, David speaks of God as both his shield and sword. His protection and strength. But he didn’t just hope, he trusted and believed. He exercised and accessed his faith by sheltering behind God and he was protected. And because he was blessed, he couldn’t contain his praise and thanksgiving.

We should be joyful because only God can be both our sword and protection. We are strengthened and shielded by Him and we need to praise Him for it. We have divine favour and that should fill us with lasting joy.

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